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Camilla Blue writes letter to her biological father in new song ”Hullabaloo”

Camilla Blue is a foster child since she was 2 years old and ambassador of the foster care organizations Stichting Oosterpoort in Brabant and Levvel in Amsterdam. She was also involved in the national Children’s Postage Stamp campaign 2020 “Give a safe home”.


camilla blue umbrella single


Camilla Blue has grown up as a foster child and is ambassador of foster care (Holland: Oosterpoort & Levvel). In this intense song she sings about the protection that every foster child is craving for and the uncertainty that it entails. The umbrella is a metaphor for a safe home. During corona many children who already had a hard time may now experience more difficulties. With this song Camilla tries to give support, to give a voice to the children… By telling her own story in an intriguing song and videoclip. An organization in the Netherlands called ”Kinderpostzegelactie” ensures, through a campaign, that this year attention is paid to the well-being of children with a difficult background. The theme of this year is ‘Give a safe home’. For this campaign the Dutch magazine Libelle will publish an interview with Camilla Blue about her experience of growing up in a foster home.

camilla blue single talk about it


Camilla Blue is completely done with Corona and launches Summer Song!
“In my head there is always chaos. I have to keep myself busy to not fall back into old habits. I used the ‘intelligent lockdown’ time by recording my second album ‘Yellow’. In the period until the release I will first bring out almost all songs on single with videoclip. I am done with Corona and have chosen for the uplifting ‘Talk about it’ as a true summer song… but with a little bitter undertone.

loose sand single camilla blue


Camilla Blue has announced that she will be releasing her new single ‘Loose Sand’ (April 17, 2020) from the upcoming album ‘Yellow’. “Loose Sand is about anxiety of abandonment. It refers to the biblical story ‘Parable of the Grains of Sand’. The more cramped you hold sand in your hand, the faster it will slip out. I wrote the song on the beach in Bordeaux during a band tour after one of my heaviest panic attacks. This has changed my view of the world and myself.”

camilla blue iced up


The second single from the upcoming album ‘Yellow’ ‘Iced Up’ has been released  February 7, 2020


when I get home single


‘When I get home’, the first single of  the upcoming album ‘Yellow’, was released September 2019. This song has a special meaning for her as she grew up in a foster family. This song is a tribute to her foster parents. Camilla Blue has been appointed ambassador of ‘Pleegzorg Nederland for Stichting Oosterpoort’ 2019/2020.

Camilla Blue

Camilla Blue,  together with her band, brings songs from the first album Blue and from her new EP Yellow. Autobiographical songs that float between light and dark. Every song sketches its own world. Camilla Blue has been inspired by greats like Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Beth Hart and Nina Simone. The concerts are a symbiosis between music and art.

Debut album Blue
Camilla Blue released her first album ‘Blue’ in 2018. Recorded with Analogue equipment at Kytopia in Utrecht with producer Mathijn den Duijf.

Musical Career
Her first single ‘Don’t turn on the lights’ reached more than 50.000 streams on Spotify. According to the makers of the TV program NPO1-Free Sounds, she is “unique and genuine”. She played two songs during that broadcast and appeared live on stage at TivoliVredeburg in Utrecht. After the release she played, amongst other places, on the main stage of ‘Jazz in Duketown’ a festival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and she could be heard in various National Radio programs. Camilla Blue also had a small tour of France and played on ESNS Penguin Showcases 2020.

When I get home
Camilla Blue released her ‘first’ new single ‘When i get home’ (September 6, 2019) from the upcoming album ‘Yellow’. This song has a special meaning for her. She grew up in a foster family and this song is a tribute to her foster parents. Camilla Blue has been appointed ambassador of ‘Pleegzorg Nederland’ ‘Stichting Oosterpoort’ and Pleegzorg Amsterdam ‘Spirit’ 2020/2021.

Camilla Blue

Songwriter, Piano, Vocals, Guitar

Coos van de Klundert


Shaquille Pentury

Bass guitar

Daan van der Vorst


Melchior Huurdeman

Syntesizer, Piano

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Camilla Blue is more than music

Blue is more than just music: it is a personal Gesamtkunstwerk, a fusion of music, poetry and visual art. Blue is a blueprint of the singer’s life and the first album of a four-part album. Three more albums will be released in the coming years. A painting is made for each album cover, which together form a complete work of art.

NEW: The Camilla Blue Shop is here!
Until the end of 2020 no concerts and no rehearsals … So, are we going to sit tight and wait? NO! I pulled out my paintbrushes, sewing machine and canvases. Because of the many canceled performances and not being able to sit still, we are doing it all different with Camilla Blue! Now there is the Camilla Blue Shop! You see something in the Camilla Blue Shop, but it is already sold out? No Probs! Send a message, I’ll be happy to tailor something for you!


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