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Album Blue/Album Yellow

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IBAN NL09 RABO0329 7377 16

New Memories Creations BV

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Album Yellow | 2019

Tracklist Yellow

Soul Searching – Loose Sand – Umbrella – When I Get Home – Talk About It – Mmm Mmm – Iced Up – Center Of A Black Star – Silver Locks – Hullabaloo

Album Blue | 2017

Tracklist Blue

He Undresses – Quiet in my Head – Special kind of Stupid – Time for New Memories – Little Girl Blue – Unique – Kisses from your Daughter – What’s going on in your Head – Don’t turn on the Lights

Each song creates its own world

Blue Special Edition (Vinyl)

For this “special edition” artist Lex Loman listened to the music and depicted every song with a drawing. After that 9 poets were inspired by the work of Loman, their texts are bundled in the special edition.

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